write a letter.

Write a letter to yourself or your loved ones using our app. Set a future delivery date. That's it!

Write a Letter

we prepare your letter.

We handwrite your letter and mail it on the chosen date.

Write a Letter

read and reflect.

Open and read the letter. If you wrote to yourself, discover what growth has occurred, aspirations have been met, or surprises came about.

Write a Letter

who can benefit?

business owners

Write your clients how much you appreciate their business. Ask how you can better serve them. Earn their trust in you.


Thank your donors with personal touch. Not an appeal, not a receipt. A note, just to say how much you appreciate them.


When is the last time you wrote a handwritten letter to your family and friends? Write them how much you love them.
There are so many other ways handwritten letters can be beneficial. Be creative, start writing.



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Email Marketing


Connect with your favorite apps.
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how much?

full letter


per handwritten letter
(postage included)

3000 characters
Write a Letter
business plan


per month (plus letter fees)
zapier integration
mail templates, bulk sends
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Every letter is beautifully crafted.

Handwritten letter by a person.
Ethically handmade stationary, wax sealed.
Queued Mailbox to store your mail.
1% profit to help others.
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