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Turning trash into treasure: Paper waste gets a new life

5” x 7” white handmade recycled papers wth envelopes. Each sheet is individually hand-pulled, leaving it with beautiful deckle edges. These papers are cardstock weight, approximately 200-250 gsm. We make the pulp from recycled office waste with added 20-30% cotton to improve the texture and edges. The paper has a lovely texture and tiny black speckles from the ink in the papers that were recycled. We also add internal sizing to the pulp to decrease the porousness of the finished paper.

The envelopes are made from a single hand-pulled, shaped sheet of paper. The papers have then been hand-folded into charming deckle-edged envelopes with a strip of envelope glue on the inside of the flap for sealing.

- Paper Recyclery from San Diego, California

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real examples

Handmade paper

Papers are made in the USA.

custom wax seal

Add your own custom logo for wax seal (business plan only).

writing and wax sealing process

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business owners

Write your clients how much you appreciate their business. Ask how you can better serve them. Earn their trust in you.


Thank your donors with personal touch. Not an appeal, not a receipt. A note, just to say how much you appreciate them.


When is the last time you wrote a handwritten letter to your family and friends? Write them how much you love them.
There are so many other ways handwritten letters can be beneficial. Be creative, start writing.


People behind your lovely letter.

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