Why should I write a letter to myself?

Perhaps the better question is, "Why not?" This practice is beneficial for goal setting, practicing gratitude and self-awareness, and intentional living.

Who handwrites the letter?

We do! Our handwriting artists even know cursive.

Who can read my letter?

We do. Don't worry; we aren't trying to be creepy. We aren't mind readers, though, and need to see your letter to handwrite it.

Why does it cost $15.00?

The cost covers stationary, stamps, pretty pens, a mailbox, employing our handwriting artists, web hosting and technology, and investing in the growth of our business.

It's been carefully calculated not only to pay above minimum wage to our staff, but also to give 1% of our profits to organizations we love to support.

We believe this price is absolutely worth it to invest in yourself. But if the cost is holding you back we hope you will check out futureme, a neat company that will allow you to write a letter to your future self and receive it back as an email at the appointed time.

Do you deliver outside the United States?

Unfortunately, we do not. This is a small business operated by a married couple with a rambunctious toddler who hates to nap. This limits our current capacity to within the USA. We dream of the day we can expand world-wide!

What if my address changed?

We can absolutely make the necessary changes if contacted at least a week before your chosen delivery date. Past that point, you'll have to cross your fingers that the forwarding process is functioning as intended.

I forgot my password.

We all do sometimes. Go here.

More questions? Chat with us.